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Ace of Clubs

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Like you, our Passion is golf!

And, just like you, we are dumbfounded by the costs of our game:

  • Green  Fees rivaling the costs of a Doctor's visit.
  • Golf Balls costing as much as a bag of groceries.
  • Golf Instructors billing like a Wall Street law firm.
  • Golf Equipment costing as much as a dependable used car.

Believe me, we get it!

What We Do:


 We can't fix the Green Fee expense issue, 

but here is what we can do:

  • Save you money on club repair, grips and adjustments to your clubs!
  • Save you money on Custom Fitted clubs and club sets!
  • Low cost lessons!
  • Unbelievable LOW costs on FlightScope launch monitor sessions to help you understand/improve your golf swing!

Low costs, friendly service, all equipment repair and purchase guaranteed!

What are you waiting for?