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Ace of Clubs

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What We Do:


 We can't fix the Green Fee expense issue, 

but here is what we can do:

  • Save you money on club repair, grips and adjustments to your clubs!
  • Save you money on Custom Fitted clubs and club sets!
  • Low cost lessons!
  • Unbelievable LOW costs on FlightScope launch monitor sessions to help you understand/improve your golf swing!

Low costs, friendly service, all equipment repair and purchase guaranteed!

What are you waiting for?

Like you, our Passion is golf!

And, just like you, we are dumbfounded by the costs of our game:

  • Green  Fees rivaling the costs of a Doctor's visit.
  • Golf Balls costing as much as a bag of groceries.
  • Golf Instructors billing like a Wall Street law firm.
  • Golf Equipment costing as much as a dependable used car.

Believe me, we get it!