Club fitting today is an important step    in purchasing golf clubs.  There is more to game improvement than club design. Game Improvement is achieved through shaft length, flex, kick-point and weight; through loft, lie and face angle. Game improvement is not limited to new clubs; retrofitting used clubs improves performance as well.

 It all adds up to consistent, peak performance!

Ace of Clubs has built a reputation of quality golf clubs at an attractive price.   Let us build a custom Combo set at our Special Pricing. 

Our "Combo" sets include:

  • Four Maximum Game Improvement hybrids  (4 - 7)
  • Four Maximum Game Improvement Irons (8 - SW)
  • Our Graphite shafts
  • "Velvet" or "Wrap" Style grips
  • Men's and women's  sets
  • Try before you buy!
  • Custom Fitting (Of Course!)
  • Add  matching clubs as your game improves!

Whether it's your way of working out stress, enjoying a day with friends or completing a business deal, we know the importance that a good round of golf can have on your life. And that's why Ace of Clubs - Get A Grip takes such pride in providing  you with the perfect "set of tools" to help you play your best. Come see the difference we offer.

Enjoy a Set of Custom Fitted Clubs

Among the  tools available  for our  custom fitting is our new Flightscope X2E  launch monitor to aid us in providing you the best fit possible!

Why Buy Custom Clubs?

Ace of Clubs - Get A Grip

We can also tweak your current clubs to help improve your scores!

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