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Ace of Clubs  offers golfers  a full service club repair center.  Whether it’s something as simple as a grip change or something more in depth, we are here to expertly and promptly complete your repair/adjustment needs.

Here is a list of our basic  services:

  • Installation Service for Iron/Metal Wood $19.95*
  • Re-Glue Iron Head $9.95
  • Re-Glue Metal Wood Head $14.95
  • Adjustable Shaft Premium (add $9.95 to above pricing)**
  • Spine Align Shaft $10
  • Iron Loft/Lie Adjustment $7.00 per head
  • Shorten Club  $5.00 (add $6 to use old grip)
  • Extend Club Length  $7.50 (add $6 to use old grip)
  • Adjust Swingweight  $9.99
  • Remove/Fix Rattle from Head or Shaft  $14.95
    Cost is for service only. Please add  price of Shaft.

        **Ace of Clubs is not responsible for possible adapter damage.


We carry many of the most popular make, style, color and size of grip! Most re-grips on same day or one overnight.  We can special order any grip style, color or make, please remember that special orders may take up to  four work days to arrive. 

Our installed prices for irons/woods range from $4.95 to $14.00 per grip, depending on the grip.

Putter grips range from $7.00 up to $ 30.00.

Our Grip Installation Service Includes:

  • Removal of old grip
  • Removal of old tape
  • One layer of new tape
  • Extra "Wraps" at $0.50 per wrap/club